Frequently Asked Questions

PokitPal is a new rewards program that puts real Cashback in your pocket while you spend in many of Australia’s favourite entertainment venues and retail outlets. It is available to all Visa and Mastercard holders in Australia.
PokitPal is unique in that you can wave goodbye to the embarrassing experience of redeeming vouchers or QR codes. Simply tap / pay with your registered card as you would normally do and the Cashback savings or other rewards will automatically be assigned to your personal e-wallet (called MyWallet) in your MyPokit account.
Savings and discounts that are earned at partner businesses are stored in the MyPokit section of the App which is your very own PokitPal account. Just like a physical wallet, MyPokit has a number of sections - MyWallet, MyPoints and MyRewards. Cashback savings are held in MyWallet, with points-based rewards being held in the MyPoints section. eGiftcard purchases, vouchers or points that have been converted into a reward are recorded in your MyRewards section. MyPokit allows you to see all your rewards and savings in one place!
Partner businesses are automatically presented within the INSTORE section of the App and appear on the basis of nearest location. Venues can also be sorted alphabetically by selecting A-Z from the small menu bar on the top right-hand corner and there is also a search facility there if you wish to look for a particular venue. The distance between your location and a particular business is clearly marked on each listing. The location icon on the top menu bar brings up a map view but there is also a map option within each individual listing to help you locate the venue.
Cashback Savings and Rewards are automatically accrued as you pay with the debit or credit card linked to your PokitPal account in our partner businesses. You will receive notifications to your phone and rewards are also recorded in the News section.
You can use ANY Australian debit or credit Visa or Mastercard.
During the registration process your card details are passed directly to either Visa or Mastercard alongside your PokitPal User ID. Card details are not stored by PokitPal. The PokitPal User ID is then used as the means by which transactions are communicated between ourselves and Visa or Mastercard.
Linking your card could not be easier. For a first-time visitor, there is a function within each business listing that prompts you to link your card if you wish to avail of a specific reward. Once linked, you will be able to avail of ALL offers from other PokitPal partners by simply paying with your linked card. If you don’t have a specific offer in mind just yet, you can also register your card to secure future savings by accessing the PokitMoney function in the menu. This will allow you to automatically secure Cashback or other rewards when you visit any of our partner venues. Bank details can also be amended through the Settings function if at some point you would like to link a different card or nominate a different account to withdraw your Cashback Savings.
You earn Cashback by simply registering your Visa or Mastercard details with PokitPal. Simply pay your bill in one of our partner businesses as you normally would and start earning real Cashback savings. Cashback savings are lodged into a personal MyWallet which can be withdrawn as soon as $30 savings have been accrued. This can be paid directly into your associated bank account at any point, as a lump sum or by whatever amount you choose to withdraw. You may even choose to leave it there as a means of saving for a special occasion.
For most offers, you will receive a notification directly to your phone giving details of your reward. Cashback and Reward Notifications are also recorded as individual transactions within the News section of the App. A cumulative record of all current savings can be viewed in MyPokit which is on the Homescreen. Your Cashback savings are detailed within the MyWallet section, both as a current balance and as individualised entries, with Points and other Rewards also being clearly displayed. Total savings made since registering with PokitPal are recorded in the MySavings section.
Many businesses have chosen to offer introductory discounts to first-time visitors and these are denoted within each listing as a hot-offer, identified within the orange band. Our partner businesses then reward your loyalty by guaranteeing a level of Everyday Cashback to encourage you to return and enjoy their offering.
The majority of the rewards detailed in the Instore section of the App are delivered within a few seconds of you completing your purchase. You will receive a notification to your phone, allowing you to enjoy the savings alongside your purchase and boast to your friends. The notifications for approximately 10% of transactions completed are delayed by bank processing and depend on the relationship between your individual Bank and the Merchants EFTPOS provider. In these cases, PokitPal will process your reward as soon as we receive the details of your purchase from your bank.
Flash and Save is the traditional means to access discounts when you make a purchase. It simply requires you to show the offer within the app to access the discounted rate. Some of our partner businesses are offering this as we transition to the Cashback model. Flash and Save rewards are available to everyone and do not require you to link your card.
The Points system is another traditional means by which partner businesses choose to reward their loyal customers. Points can be converted to freebies when sufficient points have been accrued. Points will be accumulated as you spend with your registered card and will be shown in your MyPokit account.
Visa and Mastercard only send PokitPal the transaction details when you choose “Credit”. We won’t be notified of your purchase if you make a different selection. If you want to ensure you receive a reward, you need to choose the credit option when asked to enter your pin.
We have worked hard to negotiate Cashback deals with many of Australia’s favourite brands when you shop online. To be eligible for Cashback you must access the partner site through the special ‘Your Cashback Link’ provided within the business listing. This will bring you to the partner website where you will be able to access some of the very best discounts as well as allowing you to secure additional Cashback on the value of your spend. Please note GST, delivery costs and products that are returned do not contribute to the purchase amount that is eligible for Cashback. You will receive an email confirming your pending Cashback as soon as PokitPal receives confirmation of your purchase from the retailer. Allow up to 7 days from the date of your purchase. Depending on the retailers returns policy, allow approximately 90 days for the Cashback to be deposited into your personal MyWallet.