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Hello, instant cash rewards! Shop, and earn, it’s that easy! Try our new rewards system that lets you get instant money back on your purchases.

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Register your Visa or Mastercard with PokitPal, and earn real cash as you spend. When you swipe your card to shop, you get instant cashback.

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Enjoy every moment, you get paid to shop and track your cashback rewards as you go.

The idea behind PokitPal is very appealing. Get cashback by shopping on the PokitPal app or website. Cash on hand today is more attractive than waiting for reward points to grow.

Cashback is all about savings on spending, it can even help you increase your retirement savings for home loans, etc.

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PokitPal offers the easiest way to get cashback in popular retail outlets. It’s a cashback shopping app in Australia with a difference. Say goodbye to the embarrassing experience of redeeming vouchers or QR codes, just tap and pay with your credit or debit card as you shop.

experience of redeeming vouchers or QR codes, just tap and pay with your credit or debit card as you shop. Say hello to instant cash rewards. Sign up, and earn today!

How Does PokitPal Work?

PokitPal receives a commission every time you shop with merchants on our platform. You’ll receive cashback when you shop through the PokitPal website or app.

PokitPal gives back part of the commission to the shopper as a cashback payment. Setting up a PokitPal account is easy, quick, and better than free, we’ll give you a $5 cashback bonus to get started. You'll receive the cashback through a bank account.

How Does Cashback Work?

Instead of going to the store's website, go to the PokitPal app or website. Then click a link that leads you to the brand you wish to shop for and shop as usual.

After you shop, the merchant pays a commission to PokitPal. Then PokitPal gives you a percentage of the commission that PokitPal received.

How Much Cashback Will I Receive?

Cashback percentages range from around 1 to 20% of the total value of the products you bought. This excludes shipping costs and GST.

  1. Download

    Download the PokitPal app

  2. Register

    Register your Visa or Mastercard debit/credit or Eftpos debit card in the app

  3. Pay

    Pay with your Visa or Mastercard at participating merchants

  4. Enjoy your rewards

    PokitPal helps you live life more!

    Check out some of our cashback offers

Enjoy yourself and be rewarded.

There is simply no easier way to collect real cash and rewards than PokitPal!

Bye Bye Vouchers

No need to use vouchers, or QR Codes at the point of sale.

Real Cash

Get real cash deposited into your bank account to spend as you like.

What Brands Offer Cashback?

Many of the popular brand names are on PokitPal.

BWS, Forever New, ASOS, The Iconic,, Cotton On, and more.

PokitPal is one of the best cashback shopping platforms where you can earn cash each time you shop. It will only take a minute or so to sign up on PokitPal, and it will only take a second to click on the registration link.

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